3D Visualization of urban data based on CityGML with WebGL

From 3D Web Visualization of Geographic Data
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Due to the advances in computer graphics and network speed it is possible to navigate in 3D virtual world in real time. Till now, technologies employed necessitate to install standalone application or plugins on navigators. Arrival of HTML 5 brings news solutions to visualize 3D data in navigator with WebGL. Several globe projects have proven that using such technology is a good way. Unfortunately, demonstrations are often based on proprietary formats to exchange or to store data. In this work, we propose to use CityGML standard proposed by the Open Geospatial Consortium. CityGML files are imported in our Environment Editor. With several tools that we will be presented in this paper, data are processed and stored. A client server application will be also presented to permit the visualization of geometry and semantic in a navigator.

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