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Welcome to the 3D Web Visualization Workshop!



Geospatial 3D web visualization is almost a reality. It will be a reality, when we accomplish a web based 3D visualization, as smooth as the navigation in 2D. Extensive research has been done recently towards efficient visualization, either on the geospatial 3D data (improvements were done in the generalization of 3D objects; texture compression; efficient management of different LODs, etc) and on the 3D web visualization (WebGL support in browsers). Since there are different approaches and different groups working towards geospatial 3D visualization, this workshop aims to join all interested researchers.


Please check the complete program.


The participant list is available to facilitate the communication among participants. Since this is a wiki, feel free to update your details, if not correct.

Participant list


It is possible to participate only to workshop(s), or to both events (AGILE conference + workshops). If you want to register to the workshop, please use the AGILE registration form. Registration is 50,00 € per person.

Date and Local

April, 24th, 2012.


Université d'Avignon et des Pays du Vaucluse

Room: 2E05

74, rue Louis pasteur,

(F) 84029 AVIGNON cedex 1, FRANCE

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(Social) Networking

Twitter: #AGILE

Collaborative note pad:

Wiki: Every one can register and contribute

WiFi access:

  • eduroam is working
  • Wifi-UAPV (credentials inside the badge)

Social event

All the participants of the workshops are invited to the AGILE 2012 opening reception on Tuesday, April 24th, 19:30 - 22h00, in the evening (at Pope palace).

It is about 15 minutes walking from the University to the Pope palace.

Program Committee

Name Institution Country
Alexander Zipf Heidelberg University Germany
Alias Abdul Rahman Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia
Hui Lin Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Jorge Rocha Universidade do Minho Portugal
Lars Bodum Aalborg Universitet Denmark
Marcus Götz Heidelberg University Germany
Philipp Slusallek Saarland University Germany
Sisi Zlatanova Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Stephan Nebiker University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Volker Coors Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart Germany
Zhu Qing Wuhan University China


Papers presented at the workshop can be improved, and we have two more weeks to finish the papers. Full papers must be submitted until May 10th. The best 5 to 6 papers with be published in a special issue of the IJ3DIM.

Full papers must be uploaded through our conference management system.


We are very honored to announce that the best papers will be published in the International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling (IJ3DIM).


If you want to share references to presentations, demonstrations, papers, etc, or know about a related event, please update our list of Related Resources.

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